Impossible Robotics

Week 1 robot progress

Today we continued building and designing our robot.

We started by watching inspiring videos from “Robot in three days” where we got some inspiration for our creation. Later we went on making a part of our drive train, including assembling the gearboxes and the mecanum wheels. Assembling the mecanum wheels took more time than expected.

We also built prototypes for the climbing mechanism. We had fun ideas, we decided on making a spring loaded arm wich can be moved back in with a rope.

In conclusion we couldn’t do everything we hoped to do but the base of our creation has been layed.


Sytse de Boer en Tom Dunant Maurits, 11 January 2020


FRC Kick-Off

On this Saturday we had our annual Kick-off event. During the event FIRST revealed this year’s FIRST Robotics Competition Infinite Recharge. We came together with our team to watch the reveal and discuss our strategy for the coming season. Over the next 6 weeks different we will work together to overcome challenges while building a robot that can accurately shoot balls, balance a switch by hanging on it and rotate a panel.

We are excited to show you more in the coming weeks and hope you will follow along as we share more of our journey.

You can find a brief explanation of this year’s challenge in this video and for those looking for a more in depth look there is the game manual


Pieter Venderbos, 04 January 2020


FIRST Lego League Regional

At the FLL regional are a lot of children from primary and middle school, the contestants are aged 9 to 14. In the Netherlands a lot of FLL teams don’t know that there are other FIRST programs so for them it ends by the FIRST Lego League.

We would really like that this would change so that’s why we promote FRC at different FLL regionals in the Netherlands. At this event there was also a FTC team called Pretty Smart Robotics. So at this event there were a lot of different teams from different FIRST programs and we think that’s really cool!


Besides the fact we told people about FRC we also helped the organisation of the regional with judging and packing after the event!

Stefan Sijbesma, 30 November 2019


Getting to know technology: Techniek Tastbaar

In the past month, our team has not been busy with any competitions. Instead, we have been working on getting publicity. Nope, not for our team, but for technology in general. And that is why we’ve been helping at Techniek Tastbaar in our province Friesland.

Techniek Tastbaar is an event for children aged 10 to 16, where they can have a first glimpse of technology in the grown-up world. They get lots of information from all kinds of different businessess, about jobs and career oppurtunities, but the most important goal of the event is to make these children enthusiastic about thechnology. After all, thechnology is the future.

Many kinds of different professions are presented: from the army, to the truck drivers, from the painters to the carpenters and from the welders to the mechanics. And of course, there is us, the Robotics team.

We were there to let children meet with our side of technology. To show that technology can be more than for example being a mechanic, or sitting at a desk all day, working behind a computer. It can also be working in a team to accomplish goals, building a robot and competing in competitions! We brought some of our robots: Armstrong, Victor and our newest First Global robot. Certainly everyone could try them out!

It was very enjoyable, showing everyone what we’re doing and especially teaching them a bit about how some of our robots work. Hopefully we have shown that there are multiple sides of technology and that it can be a lot of fun!

Allison Han van der Spoel, 28 November 2019


We have arrived in Dubai!

After a few weeks of hard work on our FGC robot, we finally were ready to pack and travel to Dubai for the competitions.


For the last few weeks we have been working on our robot in the garage of a student of ours. When the kit of parts arrived we were really exited to see what we got this year (click here for a video)

After some time we came up with a few ideas for the robot, and we started experimenting with some of them. Eventually we sticked to the idea of an expandable arm that could carry balls to the highest level of the centerpiece.


We hope to meet some great new teams, and wish everyone the best of luck!

Bauke Westendorp, 24 October 2019